The condensate evaporation system is a very important system in a refrigeration unit, noting that condensate can lead to damage to the unit. Condensate evaporator must be adequately sized to evaporate the accumulated water that results from the operation of the refrigeration unit. In addition, all components must be compact and fit into the available space for the entire system.

Condensate evaporators

Description of products

We offer large quantities of both containers and drip trays. This gives you the opportunity to choose and think: what model suits your expectations and what will fit your device. In addition, we can manufacture condensate evaporation containers according to individual dimensions.

Mounting capability:

  • one PTC heater
  • two PTC heaters

Self-regulating PTC heater for condensate evaporation

PTC heaters give off as much heat as they need at a given level of condensation build-up in the container. Two heaters are additionally used on two other levels, depending on the amount of water the heaters start working first on one level then on the other. This means that they consume less power during operation due to the self-regulation function.

Drip trays

Drip trays are used under the evaporator. The drip tray collects the condensate and allows it to reach the condensate evaporation container. What is important at this point is the installation method, so that the condensate evaporation container accepts the amount of water that is on the drip tray. By proper selection of certified product components we can avoid unforeseen failures of the whole device.


When choosing a condensate evaporation system, the greatest attention should be paid to the dimensions of the condensate evaporation elements, how much space we can allocate for a condensate evaporation container or drip tray, so that during installation we make the most of the available space.

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