Vending machines are machines designed to dispense products such as hot and cold drinks and various snacks. Assortment of vending machines depends on the type of machine and individual customer needs.

Vending machine - types

Vending machines are self-service devices that provide comprehensive customer service at every stage. Modern vending machines are economical, rarely break down and support many different forms of payment, meeting expectations of each user. We can distinguish vending machines designed for cold products, snack machines and machines for hot drinks (coffee, tea, hot chocolate).

Vending machines for cold products

Vending machine designed for cold products must maintain an appropriately programmed low temperature inside the chamber, which helps to maintain freshness and proper temperature of products on display, such as:

  • salads,

  • sandwiches,

  • ice creams,

  • cold drinks.

Vending machine requires regular restocking of products by staff, but the processes involved in operating machine, such as defrosting refrigeration system and draining condensation from machines, can be kept to a minimum.

Modern vending machines have clear and large displays that allow customers to easily select products of interest and pay at their own convenience. Vending machines have high adaptability to individual products and solutions, such as integration with the customer's IT systems, which allows to monitor level of the assortment in real time.

Where vending machines are used

Vending machines are used in many places. They are encountered at every train station, universities, schools, workplaces and other places where there are a lot of people. Technological progress makes vending machines more and more advanced and offer more possibilities. Times when vending machines were used only to sell snacks and drinks are long gone. Currently, even everyday products are sold in them. Many companies use health and safety vending machines that stand, for example, in a warehouse or production area and dispense an assortment of health and safety items: masks, gloves, tools, an increasingly common solution for employees. Vending machines that dispense lunches are also gaining popularity.

Vending machines are used extensively in Japan in particular, where they are referred to as machines for everything, as vending machines with a variety of uncommon goods can be found there.

Advice and selection of suitable components

Our employees' many years of experience in the refrigeration industry translates into our excellent knowledge of this market. We offer components for vending machines that comply with all standards and are highly efficient during operation. In addition to main components such as:

  • monoblocks,

  • condensers,

  • compressors,

  • heaters,

  • axial fans,

  • condensate evaporators and PTC heaters,

  • hinged doors,

  • profiles and gaskets,

    we also have a variety of spare parts that will be used in vending machines such as self-closing hinges, adjustable legs and many others.

Feel free to contact our experts, who will help you choose the right solutions and components for your vending machines.

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