Monoblocks – ready to use cooling systems

We are pleased to present today another products from our offer! These are ready to use "plug & play" cooling systems, i.e. monoblocks.
Monoblok chłodniczy, czyli kompletne urządzenie typu "plug & play"

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Ready to use „plug & play” cooling systems:

🔵 monoblocks for cooling and freezing cabinets,

🔵 monoblocks for cooling and freezing tables,

🔵 monoblocks for display counters,

🔵 monoblocks for vending machines.

Main features:

  • reduced installation costs, running costs and after-sales costs,
  • quick and easy installation,
  • immediate electrical wiring,
  • autonomous evaporation of condensation,
  • monoblocks made of durable components,
  • R290 eco refrigerant,
  • forced ventilation.

Want to learn more? Visit the page dedicated to monoblocks production.

See specifications in the PDF! – Refrigeration monoblocks

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Knowledge base


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New products

Product innovations are a product group that includes new components and solutions. It’s regularly updated as we try to keep up to date with new technologies and current market trends.
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Lift-up systems

Glass lift-up systems for refrigeration equipment, such as refrigerated display counters, allow easy access to products while presenting them in an excellent way. You can found here complete kits and other necessary components.
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Components for cold rooms

Cold room components include products that enable the cold room to function properly. These include refrigerated doors, shelving systems, profiles, gaskets, hinges, handles and decompression valves.
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AiFO door systems

Door systems are the solutions we manufacture for refrigeration equipment. This group includes: glass doors for refrigerated cabinets in hinged and sliding versions, Semi Vertical and doors for refrigerated chambers.
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Profiles for refrigeration furniture

Profiles are created using an extrusion process and are made from a variety of plastics. This allows for a wide variety of applications. We offer profiles for eliminating thermal bridges, door profiles, profiles for glass covers, profiles for lamps, price strips and other profiles and gaskets.
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Components for refrigeration furniture

Refrigeration furniture components include many parts that are key to the proper operation of refrigeration equipment. Condensers, evaporators, compressors – these are what keep temperatures down.
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Components for neutral furniture

Neutral furniture components are products for the HoReCa sector, mainly for catering. This product group includes catering faucets, sink chambers and parts for neutral furniture.
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Components usage examples

Catalogue graphically presents examples of the use of our components in equipment, furniture and cold rooms. Refrigerated display counters, refrigerated shelving, vending machines, cold rooms, serving lines – these are just some examples of the applications of our components.