Due to the growing demand on the courier and e-commerce market for refrigeration components, it is worth recalling that AiFO GROUP offers components for the production of cooling parcel lockers & refrigerated lockers. These machines are increasingly appearing in cities in Europe.

Where are the cooling parcel lockers & refrigerated lockers located?

More than few thousands of cooling parcel lockers or refrigerated lockers appeared very quickly in the most popular cities in Europe. The capital of Małopolska can also boast of these devices in the urban space. Warsaw and Krakow are not the only cities where there are refrigerators and you can count that soon it will be one of the most important services also available among many commercial stores.

AiFO - wholesaler with components for the construction of cooling parcel lockers & refrigerated lockers

AiFO's comprehensive offer includes all the necessary components to construct any refrigeration equipment, including a cooling parcel lockers & refrigerated lockers. AiFO's offer is also addressed to manufacturers of devices such as coolmats (another name of cooling parcel lockers), which are slowly entering mass production and may soon revolutionize online sales or courier services, which will make shopping even easier and the products always fresh.

The constructor can use the AiFO components available in the standard offer, which are available immediately in large quantities, as well as contact the technical advisor to properly match the components for the designed refrigerator. A variety of information can be obtained by contacting customer service directly. More specialized expertise and technical information can be obtained on site at the company's headquarters in Bochnia or Krakow or by contacting the technical advisor directly (contact can be found HERE).

What is the difference between a refrigerated lockers and a parcel locker?

The refrigerator differs from popular parcel machines primarily in that it can store products that require appropriate conditions, e.g.

-fresh products,
-vegetables and fruits,
-other food items.

Will cooling parcel lockers conquer the market?

The cooling parcel lockers allows the collection of ordered products in three temperature zones (constant temperature, cooling and freezing). The customer can pick up the goods at a convenient time, because, like a parcel locker, it is open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week in many places in Poland. The ease and closeness of collection are the greatest advantages of this type of service.

Designing cooling parcel lockers

Each cooling parcel lockers is different, because each project is different. The point is to best fit the space of a chain of shopping centers and shops. AiFO GROUP's comprehensive offer makes it possible to design a cooling parcel lockers according to customer specifications. One of the components that can be used by designers are monoblocks, which are characterized by quick installation, have ready electrical wiring, and a built-in evaporator, thanks to which they do not take up space in the cold room.

The great advantage of monoblocks is also the automatic evaporation of condensation and the uniform size of the devices, which works exceptionally well when designing a refrigerator.

Monoblocks greatly reduce installation, operating and after-sales costs. It is worth emphasizing that the monoblock structure, made of the most modern food-safe materials, is characterized by high cooling efficiency, including the use of ecological cooling gases, forced ventilation and climate class 5 (in accordance with UNI EN 16825).

Cooling parcel lockers are "specialized" parcel lockers

Parcel lockers are not suitable for some products, such as e.g. frozen or vegetables.
For this purpose, it was necessary to create "specialized" parcel lockers, which, apart from the function of sending and receiving parcels, would also be used for other purposes.

Parcel lockers are so popular that we can find a lot of information about them. In larger Polish cities, such as Krakow or Warsaw, they have been visible in the public space for years. Now it's time for cooling parcel lockers!

Companies producing refrigerators

It comes as no surprise to the industry as a whole that refrigeration companies are expanding their offerings. Looking for new business partners to expand the offer has been noticed in the refrigeration industry for years. For this purpose, many designers conduct lively discussions on internet forums and social media.

AiFO is committed to sharing the best solutions and looking for partners with whom it can establish cooperation.

Components necessary for the production of cooling parcel lockers

An insulated door is an essential feature of a cooling parcel lockers. AiFO offers doors of any size that can be adjusted according to the individual needs of the designer. They are complemented by magnetic gaskets, self-closing hinges, handles and locks, including electric strikes.

It should not be forgotten that the AiFO offer also includes a wide selection of high-quality profiles to elimination of thermal bridges. They are responsible for stopping the emission of thermal radiation, thanks to which the cooling devices are less used, and the temperature inside the device is kept constant. Information on AiFO products can be found directly on the website or by contacting our specialist directly. Fill out the contact form by clicking HERE.

A selection of various components useful in the construction of refrigerators can be found in the links below:

- Monoblocks
- Hinged door
- Profiles to elimination of thermal bridges
 -Self-closing hinges
- Locks
- Heaters and heating elements
- Adjustable feet
- Magnetic gaskets
- Cooling accessories
- Latches and handles

It seems that cooling parcel lockers will be the future of refrigeration industry and will permanently appear in public space.

AiFO - a warehouse where you can find many products necessary for the construction of cooling parcel lockers in one place!

Everything you are looking for to build machines such as cooling parcel lockers can be found in AiFO. Components that can be used for the production of refrigerators are available online on the website.

More information about AiFO components can also be found on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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