The unique technology of stamping bowls to weld allows you to save space in transport and storage. The dimensions and shape of the chamber allow one product to fit into another, so that more of them can fit on a pallet, and ordering and delivery to the destination address becomes more profitable.

Unikalna technologia tłoczenia komór

This solution saves a lot more space compared to competing solutions. The dimensions of the bowls to weld do not change, and we can fit many more products in one transport. Therefore, the availability of goods immediately in our warehouse increases significantly. Large inventory levels ensure that the shipment of products to customers is much faster.

The use of this technology of stamping the bowls to weld has also eliminated the problems related to thermal deformation arising during the chamber welding process. Thanks to this technology, the final product, i.e. the gastronomic table equipped with a sink, taps and accessories, looks better.

Sink chambers for welding

Sink chambers are designed to be welded into specially prepared gastronomic tables with mounting holes. The chambers must be durable even in the toughest conditions, therefore, in accordance with EU standards, acid-resistant steel AISI-304 (1.4301) is used for their production. This makes the products meet the expectations of even the most demanding user.

Distributor of bowls to weld

We offer a wide range of products to choose from. The production of bowls to weld, sink chambers, gastronomic sinks, sinks with various dimensions gives great opportunities to choose from many variants available immediately. All products are made to the highest standard and in accordance with all standards. Our products are distinguished from other companies by: guaranteed availability, i.e. faster delivery, proven quality of materials as well as a unique embossing design and a competitive price.


Products used in the catering and industrial sectors must be durable and resistant. The equipment will be used to work at high speed, often continuously, so it will not get a discount from the user. All elements must be made of reliable materials such as acid-resistant steel.

The use of acid-resistant stainless steel

For this purpose, AISI 304 (1.4301) acid-resistant steel is used for the production of sink chambers. Sinks are in contact with various substances in the kitchen. Made of acid-resistant steel, it protects sinks against hazardous factors that occur in the food and chemical industries.

The data of the AISI 304 (1.4301) steel grade is a guarantee that the steel is low-carbon and contains chromium in a significant amount. The invisible layer of chromium oxide protects the device against corrosion.

Finishing of products - additional information

The chambers are either cold or hot pressed. Depending on the method of pressing, the chambers may have a matte or electropolished finish. The first, i.e. matt finished chambers, are especially recommended for every user and customer looking for an aesthetically matched product. The tops of gastronomic tables are most often made of polished steel, so they perfectly match the chambers finished in a matte manner. Such chambers are better suited to any kitchen.

Wide offer

The availability of products in many variants and dimensions allows the customer to select the appropriate chambers. Providing a guarantee of reliability, the possibility of buying additional accessories, a competitive price - these are just some of the aspects that give confidence in our offer.

We offer sink chambers with different locations of the drain. Our offer includes:

  • left bowls to weld,

Komora zlewowa do wspawania lewa (KZ-P-403425 L) - rysunek poglądowy

  • right bowls to weld

Komora zlewowa do wspawania prawa (KZ-P-403425 P) - rysunek poglądowy

  • bowls to weld with central drain.

Komora zlewowa do wspawania z centralnym odpływem (KZ-P-4425 C) - rysunek poglądowy

We are also able to make an overflow hole on special request. The overflow hole is a cut in one of the side walls of the chamber, which prevents water from overflowing in the sink and flooding the kitchen. This solution significantly increases security. The lack of an overflow opening forces the user to have greater control over the current water level.

Catering sinks with a drainer

Gastronomic sinks will be a suitable solution for a customer looking for a ready-made semi-finished product. They are made according to strictly defined standards and equipped with the necessary embossing constituting a drainer.

Sinks are products suitable for every kitchen. We can choose from many configurations that differ from each other: the number of chambers, the drainer and the side on which it is located. There are single compartments with drainer on the left or right, double compartments with drainer on one side or double compartments with drainers on both sides. Such solutions eliminate the problems of residual water on the drainer. The pressed drainer drains the water better as it flows directly into the sink. However, there are also versions without a drainer, which consist of one or two chambers.

Gastronomic sinks have an embossed water edge. It is a much more hygienic solution than in the case of curved worktops with welded chambers, because the rounded edges are easier to clean.

Rysunek poglądowy zlewu gastronomicznego posiadającego 2 komory oraz 2 ociekacze (KZ-180705430/2LP)

There are also models with a special water edge - Schwallrand. In this case, in addition to gastronomic sinks, we also have the option to choose sink chambers to be welded on with a Schwallrand drip edge. The drip edge makes it easier to keep clean and drain water. Compared to a normal chamber, there is a level difference with respect to the worktop. This solution allows you to easily remove the liquid from the table top around the chamber.

Rant ociekowy Schwallrand

Komora z rantem ociekowym Schwallrand (KZ-P-5425SW L) - rysunek poglądowy


Additional components are required for the proper operation of the sink chamber. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the accessories. We enable you to select them thanks to our offer of a wide range of complementary products.

The possibility of buying the necessary accessories right away is a great advantage and convenience at the same time. We offer the possibility of choosing accessories such as:

  • drain,

Odpływ (KZ-Odpływ 1 1/2'')

  • overflow pipe,

Rura przelewowa (KZ-180)

  • drain with an opening mechanism,

Odpływ z mechanizmem otwierania (KZ-D10-4161)

  • pipe sink trap,

Syfon rurowy (KZ-Syfon rurowy 1 1/2")

  • bottle trap.

Syfon butelkowy (KZ-Syfon 1 1/2")

The accessories are available in various sizes, which will allow you to adjust them to the chamber and the place where they will be installed. You can also choose products that differ in the materials from which they were made. As in the case of a siphon, where, depending on the model, PVC or chrome-plated brass is used.

Bearing in mind the different dimensions and expectations of customers, chambers and accessories are available in various variants that allow them to be installed in any kitchen.

Choosing the right product

We respond to all customer inquiries about products. As a leading distributor of sink chambers, we are promoted by high availability, fast shipping and attractive price.

Contacting our advisers helps to obtain a handful of necessary information and choose the right product.

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