Gastronomy fittings are a group of products intended for the distribution of running water, used in the catering industry, constituting kitchen equipment, which includes products such as: taps with a sprinkler, sink taps, pourers and other elements.

Catering equipment

Kitchen fittings in gastronomy play an extremely important role. It is present in every kitchen and used by professionals. The chefs and staff always work at high speed. Therefore, reliable solutions of the highest quality are indispensable. Durable equipment designed for really heavy tasks is referred to as HEAVY DUTY fittings and should be used in catering kitchens.

Pre-rinse units

We can divide the pre-rinse units into two categories as they are produced in two versions: standard and HEAVY DUTY. In both cases, the client has the opportunity to obtain information and select a properly matched model in terms of height and size.

The standard battery is characterized by normal endurance and resistance, and the HEAVY DUTY battery has these parameters at a much better level. In professional gastronomy, the equipment must be durable, resistant, solid and, moreover, easy to use for customers. This is how HEAVY DUTY fittings are constructed. At the design stage, the manufacturer takes into account the toughest tasks that users can perform with the use of a given equipment. The exposed elements are strengthened and durable and more resistant materials and accessories are used.

Faucets will be used as kitchen equipment in every restaurant and canteen both in Poland and in the world. In a word, every enterprise operating in the food processing and catering will benefit from the high quality and functionality of these products.

Automatic startup

Particularly noteworthy is the AG-1 / 05SPC-TS automatic pre-rinse unit, which we equipped with a mechanism for automatically starting the water jet by pulling the sprinkler down. This technology allows the water jet to be started in no time.

This solution allows you to reduce water consumption, which translates into environmental protection and lower bills. Ecology is very important nowadays, so it is worth implementing such solutions in your facility, in addition, lower water consumption will bring financial savings. This feature also combines many other advantages. The battery is more convenient to use, and the use of such a device is more effective compared to batteries with classic water actuation mechanisms.

Ball joint - greater durability

Some products, like the mentioned model, also have a ball joint between the hose and the washer. It makes it easier to operate the sprinkler at different angles. It increases the comfort of use and at the same time reduces the risk of damaging the hose.

Reinforced fastening technique

Catering equipment should be of the highest quality and durable. That is why we only offer articles that meet the expectations of even the most demanding users of the HORECA industry. This is what the battery with the automatic sprinkler (AG-1 / 05SPC-TS) is like. The manufacturer used in it a unique technology of connecting the column with the battery body. The use of such a solution by the manufacturer makes the fixing much less emergency than in the case of a typical seal.

Assortment from leading manufacturers

Gastronomy taps that are kitchen equipment are made by producers in accordance with applicable standards. The manufacturers present on the market have a wide range and proven solutions, which are confirmed by many years of experience in the household appliances market - this is a guarantee of high quality devices.

Other amenities

Our company offers batteries with various options for mounting the device. In gastronomy, we offer models with a one-hole connection, two-hole connection, for mounting in the table top and wall mounting. The company can choose the right battery depending on the water system it has, without the need to modify it or use other alternative solutions.

We also offer pre-rinse units available with or without a spout. A faucet with a spout will facilitate the functioning of any kitchen. This equipment allows you to fill gastronomic pools, large pots, etc.

The sprinkler lock knob allows you to use the current stream of water all the time, without having to squeeze the handle with your hand. This is especially useful for long and continuous use of the battery.

Possibility of matching other products, such as sink mixers, to a given model of a mixer with a washer. This allows you to keep the fittings and equipment in the kitchen in a uniform tone, thanks to which it looks better and increases the aesthetics of the room.

Mixing faucets and other accessories

In addition to sprinkler batteries used in various facilities, smaller batteries and other specialized products are also used in gastronomy.

Kran mieszający 3/8" (AG-530A)

The taps can be actuated in various ways: with a lever, taps, a button and a contactless operation. Depending on the purpose, given solutions facilitate the performance of various tasks. An example is an elbow faucet having a long lever that can be operated with the elbow. This allows you to turn on the water stream even when our hands are busy or dirty.

Kran łokciowy (AG-305B)

Touchless actuated taps are products with the highest level of hygiene. They use a photocell, which is responsible for starting and stopping the water stream.

Other specialized taps are pourers, which allow you to fill large pots and other items quickly and easily. Some fillers are also used to fill the cooking kettles. They are characterized by a different structure and high water flow.

Nalewak z jednym pokrętłem (AG-306)

Spare parts for commercial faucets

The big advantage of the battery is the easy possibility of replacing parts. There are many components, easy-to-service parts that you can buy and replace yourself without having to replace the battery with a new one.

Personalized offer

We offer the possibility of personalizing products for special orders of customers who choose larger quantities. There is a choice of: hose length, column height, as well as spout length and other types of mixer.

The selection of appropriate elements and products, thanks to the individual offer, allows us to find the right equipment even for the most demanding customers. Fittings are not only kitchen equipment, but also laboratories, hotels, sanitary facilities and other facilities in Poland.

Wzmacniany wąż do baterii ze spryskiwaczem w pancerzu INOX (AG-K100)

For really hard work, products with additional reinforcements are recommended. An example is a reinforced battery hose with a sprinkler in additional armor. Compared to a standard hose, this solution ensures that the hose will be less susceptible to damage, even during extreme use.

Equipment for every industry

Commercial faucets are suitable as kitchen equipment in all facilities, which is why restaurants, hotels and bars often use such accessories.

However, not only gastronomy uses such solutions. HEAVY DUTY fittings, due to their properties such as strength, durability and functionality, are also used in other industries. The wide offer allows you to choose the right battery that meets the requirements of each customer.

Bateria ze spryskiwaczem (AG-1/05SPC-TS) - rysunek poglądowy

Kitchen equipment

Fittings for gastronomy allow for professional kitchen equipment in all restaurants, canteens and bars. High-quality equipment and materials as well as functional solutions - these are just some of the advantages that such fittings should have.

Adjusting the height of the tap and the length of the hose to the kitchen and the type of tasks to be performed is an important element in selecting the right fittings. A poorly fitted battery can make your daily activities uncomfortable and can be vulnerable to damage.

Made of stainless steel

The fittings are in constant contact with water. Therefore, it is important that manufacturers use appropriate materials that allow for proper protection of the device. Manufacturers, thanks to the use of stainless steel in the most exposed parts of the fittings, ensure the possibility of avoiding the phenomenon of corrosion, which significantly increases the durability of the products.

Kran mieszający wykonany w całości ze stali nierdzewnej (AG-MF3)

Manufacturers in a corrosive environment and exposed to mechanical damage use solutions made of 100% stainless steel - such are the taps in the AG-MF3 and AG-MF1 versions.

Contact with advisers

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