Cooking kettles are products used in professional gastronomy in mass catering facilities such as hospitals, schools, wedding houses and military canteens. Boilers are used to prepare large amounts of food. Depending on the model, the boilers have different capacity, from several dozen to even several hundred liters. The main elements of the boiler are the cooking tank, drain tap and safety fittings, each of which has a different application and structure.

Models of cooking kettles

Cooking kettles facilitate the preparation of meals for a large number of people. They differ in the power system where we can distinguish:

  • electric boiling pans,

  • gas boiling pans,

  • steam boiling pans.

Drain tap

Cooking kettles are used to prepare various dishes in mass catering establishments. A drain tap is used for easy dispensing of the prepared products. It allows the contents to flow out of the center of the boiler tank. It is easy to use and can be closed or opened in a flash.

We offer valves with different connection diameters, thanks to which they can be easily adapted to boilers of various sizes.

Tightness at a high level

An extremely important issue in the construction of cooking boilers is tightness. It is important that the drain valve remains tight when preparing a meal. The valve has a durable 3-point seal, which is an excellent protection against leakage of contents from the inside of the boiler through a leaky valve. Older valve designs based solely on taper seals experienced such problems, our valves have eliminated this option.

Replaceable elements

The great advantage is also the ease of cleaning the valve and replacing the seal. This model of the valve can be easily disassembled into parts, because no tools are required for this purpose.

Lock against opening

The valves have a locking mechanism that prevents accidental opening of the valve. This solution ensures safe work.

The drain valve is equipped with an opening signal (red marking on the handle). This eliminates problems related to opened valve.

Health quality certificate

Drain taps have been certified by the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) and are approved for contact with food. The PZH certificate for these products ensures that we can safely use them for food distribution.

The valve bodies are made entirely of AISI-304 stainless steel (1.4301). This design protects the body against corrosion, allowing for its long use. The valve handle is made of a special plastic and protects the user against burns.

Safety valve

For safe operation, the boiling pans must be equipped with additional elements that allow for proper functioning and monitoring of its parameters. These elements include: pressure gauge, safety valve and vacuum valve.

The safety valve protects against excessive pressure build-up inside the tank. If the maximum pressure limit is exceeded, the valve opens and the pressure drops. This solution protects the boiler against damage and ensures work safety.

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