Gastronomy hoods are the necessary equipment that will work in any professional kitchen in gastronomy. The hoods are designed to absorb and remove water vapor, grease and odors. They are usually made of noble stainless steel.

Catering hoods

We divide hoods into two categories according to their shape and the way they work.

Due to the shape, we can distinguish:

  • trapezoidal gastronomic hoods - hoods have a characteristic trapezoidal shape and are most often mounted against the wall, but there are also central trapezoidal hoods,

  • box gastronomic hoods - have a rectangular shape and are most often mounted as wall-mounted,

  • oblique gastronomic hoods - they are characterized by an angled shape and are most often mounted as wall-mounted.

Due to the mode of operation, the division is as follows:

  • exhaust hoods - draw in polluted air, which then goes to the ventilation duct,

  • exhaust and supply hoods - draw in polluted air, while blowing in fresh air.

The exhaust and supply hoods differ from each other in air supply systems. We distinguish:

  • compensation hoods - the compensation air stream is blown inside the room,

  • induction hoods - the induction air stream is blown towards the filters,

  • compensation and induction hoods - both compensation and induction streams are supplied simultaneously.

Extraction and supply hoods support the functioning of large kitchens, where proper ventilation is very difficult to achieve. They absorb polluted air, but at the same time blow fresh air into different directions of the room.

Hoods are devices that play a very important role in gastronomy. They are used to absorb and remove odors, grease particles, water vapor, and to ventilate the room and dissipate heat. Maintaining proper working conditions is very important because it translates into the safety and efficiency of employees.

Catering equipment

A gastronomic hood is the basic equipment of every professional kitchen in gastronomy. Frying, cooking and baking many products at the same time causes the emission of large amounts of water vapor, fat and unpleasant odors generated during the preparation of meals. Lack of ventilation can lead to poor working conditions, fatigue and difficulty breathing. Hoods allow you to catch the smells that arise in the kitchen, collect fat particles and water vapor, depending on the filters you have.

Gastronomy hoods - accessories

Hoods for proper and effective operation require additional equipment. These are products such as filters and oil drain valves. LED lamps mounted under the eaves can also be very useful, as they perfectly illuminate the working surfaces of gastronomic furniture in kitchen rooms.

Cooker hood filter

We can divide grease baffle filters into two types:

  • labyrinth filter - its task is to absorb air and vapors and catch fat particles from them. The caught fat flows into the hood's gutter, where it accumulates, and its discharge from the inside is very easy, thanks to the oil drain valve from the hood. That is why they are referred to as labyrinth fat catchers. We offer a wide range of labyrinth filters of various sizes. The products fit the most popular hood models with a depth of 300, 400 and 500 cm. Labyrinth grease catchers are made of AISI 430 stainless steel or AISI 304 acid-resistant stainless steel. The use of this type of steel makes the products durable and resistant to corrosion, and therefore they can serve many years without failure,

  • mesh filter - this is another type of grease filter. It is made according to the specifications given by the customer, therefore mesh filters can be made in any dimensions specified when placing the order. The frame and the mesh are made of stainless steel.

High functionality

Hoods are highly functional devices that constitute gastronomy equipment. They ensure the highest level of filtration, which reduces the frequency of cleaning the ventilation ducts. An additional advantage of these products is the ease of keeping the filters clean.

Choosing the right dimensions

The filter and the gastronomic hood must match each other, which is why it is so important to measure and choose the right products. A wide range of accessories allows you to adjust the filter to individual needs.

LED lamps

LED lamps are devices designed to illuminate any work surface in any activity. They provide perfect lighting of the workplace, such as work tables and other furniture, even at night. They are resistant, which is confirmed by the IP65 tightness standard. In addition, the lamps withstand high temperatures, so they can be located above cookers and gastronomic grills. In addition, they are characterized by quick and easy installation.

LED fluorescent lamps have a very high efficiency. Their service life reaches up to 50,000 hours of operation. In addition, they are characterized by high energy savings and perfectly illuminate the workplace and furniture.

LED lamps are recommended for every restaurant. They make it easier to perform the necessary tasks, illuminating stainless steel furniture, gastronomic tables, worktops and burners on which dishes are prepared. The risk of accidents is also significantly reduced, thanks to the fact that everything is perfectly illuminated and visible during the activities performed by employees.

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