The PTC heater (Positive Temperature Coefficient) is a heating element that contains a polycrystalline ceramic material with the addition of barium titanate. The role of the electrodes in the heater is played by opposing metallic coatings.

PTC cartridge heater

Cartridge heaters, thanks to their structure and properties, are eagerly used in various industries. They are used in the case of cooling devices, but also control cabinets and many other devices.

PTC cartridge heater - principle of operation

The PTC cartridge heater is distinguished by the principle of operation among other heaters. Self-regulating PTC ceramics are closely related to the prevailing temperature. At the minimum temperature, the heating power achieved by the device is at its highest. Power decreases with increasing temperature. This behavior can be easily explained by observing the PTC resistance curve (variable resistance).

Electrical resistance PTC

Self-regulating PTC heaters save money as they do not run at full capacity all the time. This solution translates into lower energy consumption and at the same time is highly ecological. In addition, the optimal use of power at any time allows the heater to adapt to all conditions.

Use of PTC cartridge heaters

PTC heaters are widely used in refrigeration. We can find them in such devices as: refrigerated counters, refrigerated display cabinets and cooling cabinets. In cooling devices, the heaters are responsible for the evaporation of condensation water, i.e. condensate.

However, the PTC heating element is also used in devices operating in other industries. PTC heaters are used, for example, inside control cabinets. They maintain the right temperature inside the device, thus preventing the development of moisture.

PTC cartridge heaters - specification

Self-regulating cartridge heaters are made of AISI 316 acid-proof steel. Each heater is equipped with an insulating coating that perfectly conducts heat. In refrigeration equipment, a condensate container is also required to evaporate the condensate. PTC heaters are adapted to various types of voltage - 110 or 230 V.

Condensate evaporation container

In the set with the PTC cartridge heater, it allows for the evaporation of condensate. It has a certain capacity, e.g. 1.5l. It is made of various materials, such as polypropylene and aluminum.

The material used for the production of the container is very important, because well selected allows for greater savings, which are associated with better keeping of the temperature inside the container.

There are also containers with a built-in PTC heater and a thermostat. Depending on the needs and requirements, you can choose models of different power, which are characterized by different efficiency.

Working voltage

The PTC cartridge heater has a strictly defined operating voltage and other parameters specified in the specification for a given model, such as the type of voltage and efficiency. The operating voltage of the PTC heaters is, depending on the model: 110 V or 230 V.


PTC cartridge heaters are available in several variants, which differ in their power. The power is related to the efficiency of the heaters. There are heaters from 110 W to even 450 W to choose from, and the most powerful PTC cartridge heater can achieve an efficiency of up to 0.41 kg / h. Choosing the right model will allow you to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the heaters.

Choosing the right product

A properly selected PTC heating element allows you to achieve maximum benefits while saving money. This is facilitated by the precise specification of the requirements and the type of device in which the heater will be installed.

We offer screw-on PTC cartridge heaters and PTC insert cartridge heaters. Individual products differ in the manner of assembly, but are produced in many variants with different heating power, which allows you to choose the right model for our device.

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