Fans are products responsible for movement of air resulting from the pressure difference between suction side and discharge side. Fans are used in many industries, such as refrigeration and air conditioning. Refrigeration fans support operation of refrigeration equipment, ensuring movement of air in the refrigeration chamber and appropriate level of ventilation of the unit chamber.

Axial fans

Axial fans are a type of fans in which air is pumped in direction parallel to the rotor axis during operation. Axial fan is characterized by a small pressure build-up, high efficiency and relatively quiet operation. It can operate in continuous mode.

They are available in a range of sizes: from 80x80x25 mm, up to 120x120x38 mm. There are also three versions to choose from - high speed, medium speed and low speed. Diameter of fans propeller and speed make up its performance.

Due to type of connection, we offer two versions of axial fans:

  • axial fans with connecting cable,

  • axial fans with connectors.

Axial fans

Cross flow fans - radial

Cross flow fans are those in which the movement of air is perpendicular to axis of rotor. Fan sucks air in suction section, which then flows through the center of impeller to be finally ejected at high speed in discharge section. Quiet operation and small size make cross flow fans often used in small refrigeration and air conditioning units.

Products are available in number of variants that differ in power, dimensions and motor location.

Cross flow fan - radial

Fan unit with power wiring

SKW-ECOPACK fans are a set of axial fans which propeller can have a diameter up to 300 mm.

They are available in various configurations to suit customer needs. Choices include propeller diameter, ring and cover. In addition, the customer, depending on size of set and number of fans, determines number of connection points, selects lengths of cables between each point and chooses length of main connection cable.


Fan assembly is a ready to install product, which we do not have to complete ourselves - this saves time and money. Ready to install unit is a great convenience for customer, as well as certainty that all components of the fan unit will be properly selected.

Refrigeration fans - manufacturer and distributor of ready to use solutions and parts

We offer products that will enable you to ensure proper ventilation in refrigeration equipment:

  • axial fans,

  • cross flow fans,

  • fan unit with wiring,

  • fan motors,

  • fan blade - sucking and blowing version,

  • covers,

  • rings,

  • connection cables.

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Get help from our consultants, who will comprehensively select individual components for specific installations. Other models and services are also available upon request, such as in case of cross flow fans - optional heater installation.

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