Hinges which suits your needs

HINGES from AiFO Components is a special product group for which we implement elements with new functionalities, while improving existing ones. Our HINGES are ideal for the construction of furniture and catering and refrigeration equipment, shelves, refrigeration and freezing tables, counters, display cabinets, neutral furniture, etc.


Most devices or stationary furniture are equipped with HINGES to open the door. In fact, this potentially simple component is multi-functional and it can be used in many ways. High frequency and a number of static and dynamic loads to which the HINGES are exposed have an impact both on the durability and comfort of work of the entire furniture or device. This essential component for all gastronomy and refrigeration furniture, apart from maintaining proper design, must be durable, guarantee convenient installation and allow to keep tidiness easily by the potential users.


The HINGE is selected on grounds of three basic criteria, i.e.




- a piece of furniture or a refrigeration appliance;

- piece of furniture or catering equipment.




- for welding;

- for screwing.




- for glass

- they got

- for plastic


An additional criterion is division into TRADITIONAL HINGES and CUSHIONING HINGES - distracting the generated energy, which can be divided into: self-closing and slow closing.


HINGES from AiFO Components work well in all lifting, opening and sliding door systems.


Contact our technical advisors who will help you to choose the best HINGE for your device. Discover our offer: https://aifo.pl/pl/1462-c73881

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