[PTC Cartridge Heater]

PTC Cartridge Heater is encapsulated in an insulating coating that conducts heat. The principle of operation of the PTC Cartridge Heater is simple and therefore they can be used in various types of heating also used in refrigeration (without the need to use temperature regulators and limiters).

A component installed inside the cartridge that develops its power depending on the temperature, producing maximum power at the lowest temperature and gradually reducing its emissions with increasing temperature.

PTC Cartridge Heater are characterized by a favorable course of the resistance curve, and the self-regulation phenomenon allows to reduce energy costs and ensures optimal use of power.

AiFO Components offer includes PTC Cartridge Heater and other heating elements. The PTC Cartridge Heater is available separately or complete with condensate evaporation tanks that collect condensation water.

More about PTC Cartridge Heater: https://bit.ly/2SvzEaN

Let's see: www.aifo.pl

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