Electricity consumption in devices is systematically decreasing. From 1st March changes related to the new energy labels for refrigeration equipment will be introduced.

New labels for describing electricity consumption

The scale of classes A +, A ++, A +++ will disappear and the earlier, clearer scale of energy labeling (ranging from A to G) will be restored. QR codes are also introduced, which, after scanning, will send the consumer to the EPREL EU database, where he will be able to obtain additional information about a given product.

The answer to modern changes in refrigeration is the use of ec engines from AiFO Components. We offer fan motors and fans for commercial cooling devices in ec technology (many applications).


An EC motor (electronically commutated motor) is a DC motor that does not have a mechanical commutator with brushes. The technical nomenclature allows them to be called BLDC Brushless DC electric motor. The use of electronic commutation allowed for the elimination of wearing elements such as brushes and commutator. This allows benefits to increase the reliability and service life of these motors, but these are not the only advantages.

Advantages of EC motors compared to AC motors:

️ Higher energy efficiency and torque

️ Lower energy consumption

️ Speed ​​can be controlled almost independently of the engine torque

️ Smaller engine design with the same power

️ They are quieter throughout the rev range

️ The working temperature of their rotor windings is much lower

️ Combination of many features and benefits of AC and DC motors

 EC motor from AiFO Components (ENGINE ADVANTAGES):

️ They are ATEX certified and meet the essential requirements for products intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

️ They can cooperate in systems with R290 refrigerant, which has a low GWP = 3 coefficient, which means it is neutral for the natural environment.

️ Available supply voltage: 120V AC 50 / 60Hz; 230V AC 50 / 60Hz; 12, 24 or 48VDC

️ IP 55 (higher on request)

️ Working range from 500 rpm to 2100 rpm.

️ They have all the necessary certificates: CCC, CE, RoHs, VDE, UL, Ex.

️ They are much cheaper to run than traditional engines.

️ The possibility of installing quick couplings on the lines.

️ Possibility to use dedicated cable harnesses for connecting motors and fans.

Electronically commutated motors are designed for use in condensers and evaporators for commercial refrigeration equipment.

We offer two families of EC motors: SKW-ECY-… and SKW-ECO / EX, as well as WT-EC axial fans with various performance ranges.


️ ECY-01 - one engine speed

️ ECY-02 - two speed modes: high and low speed setting, on request, reverse operation on demand or for a defined time.

️ ECY-03 - variable speed using pulse width modulation (PWM).

EXAMPLE: ECY series motors can be delivered with fully assembled fan rings and propellers (ø154mm ~ ø254mm), with inch or metric mountings, with European standard drive plate (ø3.5mm propellers) or US standard drive plate (ø4 propellers , 2 mm).

The power cord for ECY series motors can be supplied to the customer's preferred length and complete with connectors and molded plugs already assembled for quick connection to the final application.


️ WT-EC… - axial fan equipped with electronically commutated motors. Optionally variable speed (PWM, tacho).


️ Supply voltage 100-240 V 50/60 Hz

️ ATEX version on request - WT-EC120x38BHL fan as standard

️ IP54 (higher on request).

️ 75% less energy consumption than traditional axial fans

️ Power consumption: 4.5 W to 9.5 W

️ Efficiency: from 66 m2 / h to 210.6 m2 / h

️ Bearing type: deep groove

️ Rotation speed: 3500 rpm.

️ Working temperature: - 30… + 70 ºC

️ Connection: 2.8 x 0.3 mm connectors

️ Ready-made cable harnesses can be used to connect fans

️ Certifications: CE RoHs UL and EX (on request)



️ Built based on EC motors

️ Steel or plastic fan ring

️ Aluminum or plastic propeller

️ IP protection class: IP55 (higher on request)

️ Precision, sealed ball bearings

️ Nominal bearing life: 40,000 hours at an ambient temperature of 40 ºC

️ Certifications: CE TUV RoHs UL and EX (on request)

DIAMETERS: Ø154 mm, Ø172 mm, Ø200 mm, Ø230 mm, Ø254 mm, Ø300 mm



️ Covers are made of galvanized or painted gray or black steel

️ Rings made of gray painted steel

️ Propellers made of aluminum or white plastic

️ Suction (SWS) or forced (SWT) version

PROPELLER DIAMETER: Ø154 mm, Ø172 mm, Ø200 mm, Ø230 mm, Ø254 mm, Ø300 mm

EC technology is increasingly used in commercial refrigeration. As a result, this reduced wear by 70% (compared to traditional pole motors). EC motors are characterized by a significant increase in efficiency, reliability and extended service life, which is of decisive importance for manufacturers of refrigeration and low temperature equipment, as well as for their customers. In addition, the possibility of speed regulation makes one engine model can be used for several applications, while reducing the range of materials in stock.

If energy efficiency is a key goal of the equipment you are building, then AiFO Components EC motors and fans can provide you with the best solution at the most competitive price in the market.

Thanks to new technological processes and changes in consumer habits, the estimated cumulative savings will be 38.1 TWh / year. This is the average annual consumption of a country like Hungary.

See the offer with motors from AiFO.

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