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R&D in production processes

Our Research and Development Department is active in the analysis of production processes and their improvement on many levels. The engineers are constantly looking for new solutions so all our products are characterised by even better performance.

It is in the R&D Department that new products are created, ever more durable and effective. Technological development and advanced technologies are bread and butter for our R&D engineers, who are continuously inventing and researching new solutions.


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New and unique solutions


Extending our own product offer


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Our technologies

Production processes in AiFO

We have a modern and extensive machine pool in a large production area, which enables us to manufacture various components and subassemblies for the refrigeration industry, sanitation and hygiene sector, HoReCa and cold rooms. We use many modern technologies and CNC machines in our production processes. They ensure precise and repetitive manufacturing of elements of various shapes and sizes. Injection, thermoforming, extrusion – these are some of the technologies used in the manufacturing of plastic components. Apart from that, we also manufacture refrigeration system components and other elements used in cooling units.

We manufacture glass doors that can be used in cooling racks and cold rooms. The cold room doors we produce are provided in two versions, OEM, intended for manufacturers of cooling devices, and Retrofit, which is intended for retrofitting existing racks/rooms with glass doors.

Zgrzewanie uszczelek magnetycznych

We specialise in the production of magnetic gaskets welded according to individual designs, which can be used in cooling devices. Our gaskets, especially welded corners, are characterised by high resilience. The use of materials containing special rubber and TPE ensures improved resistance to low temperatures.

Grafika przedstawiająca różne modele uszczelek produkowanych z miękkiego PCV oraz profili produkowanych z twardego PCV

We apply the process of plastic extrusion in the production of profiles used in cooling devices and door systems. The advanced co-extrusion technology combining various materials makes it possible to combine many soft and hard PCV polymers, and forming a multilayer structure. These profiles are an excellent supplement to the gaskets we manufacture.

Our offer includes many components produced in AiFO through injection moulding. The injection method makes it possible to produce elements with complex shapes and a lot of details, ensuring high productivity while maintaining the repeatability and precision of component manufacturing.

We manufacture plastic components using thermoforming technology. The elements produced in this process are made of a uniform sheet, which translates into high tightness of the final product. Thermoforming makes it possible to produce elements containing a large number of meticulous details. This technology provides the possibility to quickly execute smaller batches and serial production of details.

We manufacture condensers, which are a basic element of every cooling device and refrigeration system. The variety of models in terms of cooling efficiency and motors used in the condensers makes it possible to select the appropriate condenser for a particular installation. We execute our clients’ designs and individual implementations of condensers manufactured according to a technical specification.

AiFO manufactures cold room monoblocks, which are ready-to-use and compact Plug & Play cooling systems. They are produced according to the market expectations with the use of a new, ecological R290 refrigerant. They find application in such devices as cooling racks, refrigerator tables, and vending machines. This is a perfect solution for manufacturers, enabling them to increase productivity and simplify the manufacturing process.

We offer 2D and 3D wire benders. This makes it quick and efficient to produce shelves, baskets and other elements made of wire manufactured according to our clients’ technical documentation. The machine pool enables us to coat these elements with polyethylene in various colours using fluidised bed powder coating.

Our machine pool includes devices for copper tube bending and processing. 2D and 3D tube bending and end forming is performed using automatic and precise machines. The automated production process ensures the repeatability and quality of the manufactured elements.

We know how labour-intensive it is to design and implement products in technical and R&D departments. The time expenses and the involvement of specialists at particular stages – from prototyping to serial production, the organisation of the logistic and purchasing processes requires a lot of time and accountability. AiFO implements out clients’ designs providing ready-to-use solutions and products.

Quality control

Our quality control process

We value the precision and quality of the manufactured components so we pay particular attention to the control of our products’ quality. For this purpose, we have a specialised unit responsible for quality control. Their task is to regularly control the quality of our production processes and report the results.


Entry control

The stage in which the components and materials supplied to us are checked in order to catch defective pieces and avoid the unnecessary costs that would be caused by producing an incorrect product or continuing to sell it.

Stage 2

Inter-operational control

Control stage occurring during manufacturing in which production workers are involved. When irregularities occur during production, they are able to react quickly enough and prevent the production of defective products and in the case of more serious failures, they help find the cause and solve the problem.

Stage 3

Final control

The stage of inspecting finished products after the production process in which specialists from the quality control department check individual products. This makes it possible to catch resulting defects and eliminate them in future production processes.

Stage 4

Definitive control

The stage at which the quantity of packaged products and the way in which the products are packaged are checked. Such an inspection avoids the unpleasantness of damage caused in shipping and the wrong number of pieces.

All these activities guarantee that our products are manufactured in conformance with the required standards,

and if any irregularities are found, it enables the corrections of faults and prevents faulty products from being marketed.