Extrusion of plastics

AiFO is a manufacturer of plastic profiles made using the PVC extrusion process. Our range is intended for manufacturers of refrigeration equipment looking for glass covers and door systems, and to eliminate thermal bridges. We offer high-quality profiles that work with our magnetic gaskets, which is a comprehensive solution for refrigeration and low-temperature equipment.

What we offer

Elimination of thermal bridges

Elimination of thermal bridges

Profiles for the elimination of thermal bridges make it possible to compensate for heat losses in the most integral places of refrigeration equipment.

Door profiles

Door profiles

Door profiles for cold store doors, a wide range of profiles in different shapes, compatible with many glass pane and door models.

Glass cover profiles

Glass cover profiles

Glass cover profiles are used in refrigeration equipment found in stores, which ensure easy access and perfect presentation.

LED profiles

LED profiles

LED lamp profiles in different shapes and sizes are easy to adjust to different LED bulb models.

Products database

Learn more about our plastic products. We offer a wide range of profiles designed for different places and equipment. We also offer profiles compatible with the gaskets we manufacture.

Research and development in the extrusion of plastics

Our research and development team is working on continuous improvement of the extrusion process and injection molding.
They investigate different plastics and look for the set of characteristics with the most flexibility, resistance and precision.
Extrusion is a complex process that makes it possible to use more than one polymer, thus forming a multi-layer structure.

Using two different raw materials results in a more durable and better finished product, so our engineers pursue combinations with better thermal insulation properties to even more effectively eliminate thermal bridges.
The continuous development of manufacturing processes results in technologically advanced profile shapes that fit even better for more effective thermal insulation.

The manufacturing process

Design phase

Projekt profilu
At the beginning, as in other processes, there is a design phase. Engineers prepare drawings and profile models with complex cross-sections.

Heating the plastic

Elementy grzejne podgrzewające
The next step is to heat the plastic granules to the right temperature. This treatment results in the plasticisation of the material, its fusion, creating a homogeneous mixture and the possibility of shaping the finished products.

Change of composition

Granulat tworzywa sztucznego
Once the plastic is mouldable, we can add other ingredients to it that will affect the appearance and function of the resulting product. We can add colour pigments, for example, to achieve different profile colours.


Wytłaczanie profilu przez ekstruder
Once the material is plasticised, the molten plastic is extruded through the moulding head. This takes place continuously and is a major element in the extrusion process. Then the plastic is pre-cooled to give the final shape.

Product cooling

Specjalne dysze schładzające profil
The final stage involves cooling down the profiles with special nozzles so that the finished profiles are hardened.

Finished product

The finished product can be cut to size, printed with a production run. The profiles are ready for further processes, such as welding.

Summary of the manufacturing process

Extrusion of materials is a plastic forming process. This technology is able to extrude hard PVC (profiles), soft PVC (gaskets) and components that combine hard and soft PVC.

Machine park

Extensive and state-of-the-art machine park

For the extrusion of plastics, we use state-of-the-art process lines that support pre-cooling and further processes after the thermoplastic material is introduced from the forming head. With the extrusion method, other products can be obtained as well. The extruder is able to combine polymers and extruding films that are synonymous with multi-layer extrusion.


Repeatability and precision of produced components.

Continuous process

Quick and automatic production

More durable material

Combination of different polymers

Different lengths

Production of long and complex shapes.

Different profiles

Production of profiles for different applications.


Advanced technology using different materials

Extrusion can combine many polymers and form a multi-layer structure, which makes it possible to produce a component with desirable features and properties.

Precision and aesthetics

Using extrusion technologies guarantees that all components will be produced with due attention to the details.
Extrusion is able to produce profiles up to X m long.

Quick and efficient assembly

The plastic extrusion process is able to produce up to XX components per day.

Minimum labour costs

The automatic production lines for extrusion reduce the consumption of resources. They reduce the number of tasks for the personnel and provide financial savings.