Implementation of custom designs

AiFO is a company founded by engineers for engineers. Our staff originates from manufacturing companies, we have extensive experience both in the design and implementation of custom and adapted technical solutions for refrigeration furniture manufacturers and HoReCa. Our specialists will be happy to help you implement your designs and support the design and implementation activities in your production.

What we offer

Research and development in custom projects

Our research and development team continually improves the existing designs by improving component parameters, and also their appearance.
Our workplace supports innovative and good ideas, so the time and quality of completion of a custom design will satisfy every customer.

Door systems

Door systems

We manufacture door systems according to the customer’s specifications and design, which makes integration with existing cooling racks easy.

Gravity condensers

Gravity condensers

We manufacture gravity condensers in accordance with the customer’s custom designs and implement other custom designs of our customers.

Plastic profiles

Plastic profiles

Extrusion of profiles from plastic according to the customer’s specifications and dimensions. We produce profiles with custom shapes and cross-sections.

Aluminium profiles

Aluminium profiles

Extrusion of profiles from aluminium according to the customer’s specifications and dimensions. We even implement very complex custom designs.

Consult your design

Please, feel encouraged to use our range of finished designs, custom orders and custom components.
We will help you to implement sectoral projects, select solutions according to the surface and recommend the materials.

Implementation stages


The first stage is to provide advice and assistance of creating an individual project. Our experts will be glad to help with the selection of suitable solutions, materials and dimensions. They will answer all questions and outline the possibilities that the finished project will provide.

Design phase

At this stage, a first scheme or model of the individual project is created. What follows is the setting of project objectives, expectations and other necessary elements. This stage must occur for every individual project.


This is the time to contact engineers by phone or meet them. Precise conditions for the execution of the design work and approximate dates are agreed. This is also the last moment for changes in specifications, dimensions and other aspects.


The stage in which a prototype is created on the basis of the drafted design. If the prototype is compatible with the requirements and meets all the assumptions, serial production can begin.

Custom designs - production

We use our machines to produce many items of other dimensions – these are typical projects for our company. We have ready-made designs that can be adapted to the client’s dimensions. This means that such an individual order can be completed quickly. Other individual projects require a greater time commitment on the part of our staff, so the execution time is appropriately longer.

Designs and implementations

A custom design requires more attention from our engineers than finished designs. However, we believe that with our highly qualified team, industry experience and willingness to help customers, every custom design will be implemented in a timely and successful manner.

Our implementations

Extensive and state-of-the-art machine park

Our state-of-the-art and extensive machine park includes many machines and process lines. This enables us to complete the custom design for virtually every customer. A custom order with complex structure, extensive designs, multiple specific details – we will implement them and deliver the products to the customers on time.

Own designs

We implement designs in accordance with drawings and specifications.


Unlimited prototyping – orders from 1 piece


Customisation and assembly of optional accessories.

Suitable material

Using different materials in components

Selection of the protective coating

Protective coating adjusted to the needs


Comprehensive range of products and services

With our comprehensive range of products and services and extensive experience in the industry, we will implement even the most difficult designs.

Full support

We will help at every stage of the design process, from the first steps to the final implementation.

We support the design process

We make our product drawings database available to design engineers to facilitate the designing process.
The technical documentation is available in the most popular formats.