Injection moulding

The AiFO product range includes components made with injection moulding technology. By means of a high performance injection moulding machine and a significant inventory of moulds, we produce components in complex shapes, such as handles, drains, funnels, siphons and many more. Our product range is continually expanded and adjusted to the market needs of refrigeration equipment manufacturers and the HoReCa industry.

What we offer

Flush handles

Flush handles

Flush handles for refrigeration equipment are made of durable materials, in different shapes and sizes, and are modern but also highly functional.

Adhesive handles

Adhesive handles

Adhesive handles for refrigeration equipment are available with 3M adhesive tape. Different colours, shapes and sizes, always easy to install.

Adjustable feet

Adjustable feet

Adjustable feet for refrigeration equipment and food service furniture make it easy to adjust the height and improve the comfort of use.

Drains and funnels

Drains and funnels

A group of components produced by injection moulding, essential for installing food service fittings and building the condensate drain system.

Products database

Please, feel encouraged to choose our injection moulding thermoplastic products.
The production of components with complicated designs and complex shapes makes it possible to adapt to different appliances and products.

Research and development in injection moulding

Our research and development department is continually developing our range of products made of plastics.
The injection methods offer high capacity to produce parts in irregular shapes, so we are continually developing new products for use in the refrigeration and HoReCa industries.

Our engineers investigate the properties of plastics, continually searching for new solutions.
Another task of our engineers is to adjust the material in use in terms of features and needs in the given products.

The manufacturing process

Design phase

Etap projektowania
The first step is to design the component we want. Engineers team prepare drawings and models with exact dimensions and select the right material for the application and location of the product.

Tool production

Produkcja formy wtryskowej
Based on the drawings and models, an injection mould is produced, which will be used to manufacture the previously designed component.

Heating and liquefaction

Tworzywo sztuczne w postaci granulatu
We place the material, e.g. plastic granules, into the machine. Then the plastic is heated by electric heating elements and mixed by the rotary motion of the screw. The combination of high pressure and temperature ensures that the material is heated equally.

Injection and cooling

Wtrysk właściwy
The melted plastic is injected through a nozzle into the mould cavity. Important is the injection pressure, which varies from device. The filled mould is then cooled or heated, depending on the plastic used. This causes the introduced plastic to harden.

Preparation of final product

Wyrób gotowy - komponent z tworzywa sztucznego
Automatic ejection of the product from the mould takes place, thanks to a special system inside the injection moulding machine. Once empty, the mould is closed tightly and the entire injection cycle can be repeated. The product may have plastic residue on the mould contact edges, so the residue is automatically removed and the contact edges polished so that the final product looks as intended.

Summary of the plastic injection moulding

Injection moulding (injection molding) is a plastic forming technology. The process makes it possible to produce components in different shapes. It uses injection moulding machines and CNC machining. It’s cyclical and automated.


Machine park

Extensive machine park

The injection process uses our state-of-the-art injection moulding machines.
Injection moulding machines are designed for the injection moulding of plastics.
It makes it possible to produce many different components in complex and irregular shapes, with many details, such as grooves and recesses.

Variety of shapes

Production of components in complex shapes.

Different materials

Application of pellets of different plastics.

Specificity of details

Production of components with many details.

Full repeatability

Repeatability and precision of the manufacturing process.

Automated production

Automatic production process.


High-precision components

Injection moulding machines are perfect for the production of components with many small details. This type of forming is even used to manufacture LEGO blocks, and the finished components precisely reflect all the details because of the uniform distribution of the pellets in the closed injection mould.

Quick and effective production

A finished component is produced as quickly as in several seconds.
The production time depends on the component size and complexity.

Minimum labour costs

Injection is an automated cost-saving process. The tasks completed by the personnel are restricted to replacing the injection mould and feeding the plastic pellets.