Production of condensers

Our company’s leading product for the refrigeration industry is condensers. One of the main components for the manufacture of condensers is corrugated copper piping. It provides our exchangers with high performance compared to other exchangers in similar sizes available on the market. The application of different technical solutions to select motors and propellers enables us to build solutions with different capacities for a wide range of refrigeration and low-temperature equipment.

Single condensers

Single condensers

Single condensers designed for small refrigeration equipment are available in versions with different capacities, with different motors, selected by the customer.

Dual condensers

Dual condensers

Dual condensers designed for refrigeration equipment are available in versions with different capacities, with different motors, selected by the customer.

Condenser motors

Condenser motors

Our range includes condenser motors by different manufacturers. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we offer EC, YZ and EBM motors.

Condenser hardware

Condenser hardware

Essential condenser hardware: suction or discharge fan propeller, fan ring and shroud, also available as single parts.

Products database

Please, feel encouraged to use our range of condensers. Our range includes single condensers, dual condensers, gravity condensers and a wide range of other complementary products.

Production of condensers – research and development

We are continually developing and upgrading our solutions and product range to provide the customers with supreme support in the implementation of custom designs and the highest quality of the solutions we manufacture.

We are continually expanding our condenser range in line with current trends on the market to address the expectations of many customers. We are constantly improving each of our heat transfer to can develop in air conditioning, cooling systems, heat pumps, etc.

The manufacturing process

Manufacture of exchangers

Powierzchnia wymiennika ciepła
The first step is to create a base for the entire condenser. Such a base in the case of these devices is the transfer heat exchanger. The heat transfer exchangers produced will go to the next steps of condenser manufacturing or can be sold as that.

Component selection

Skraplacze z zamontowanymi
The next step is to complete the required condenser equipment. Covers, fan propellers, fan motors, filters – these are the components that equip the condenser.


Bok skraplacza
Mounting of the condensers is carried out from pre-prepared components on a specially technological line, which guarantees precision and the highest quality of execution. At the same time, finished products are created quickly, allowing for large stock levels and fast order fulfilment.

Finished product

Gotowy skraplacz chłodniczy
After the mounting stage, the condensers are assembled and ready for operation. They are carefully packed and stacked in a dedicated section of the warehouse, or dispatched immediately in the case of orders for specific and customised condenser models.

Summary of the manufacturing process

Condensers are essential components of refrigeration equipment and every refrigeration system, so we pay close attention to the manufacturing process. All components of the condenser are assembled with high-precision, so we are certain that the condenser remains reliable in the appliance for a long time.


Place of application of the condensers

We have many years of experience as a manufacturer of condensers.
Our state-of-the-art machine park with high performance process lines is able to manufacture many different condenser models.

Condensers are used in many places – cooling tables, cooling cabinets, monoblocks and vending machines.
This is why we rely on the production and high availability of this equipment and every customer can find the product they need in own cooling systen.

Different models

Manufacture of different models of single and dual condensers.

Different capacities

Easy selection of the condenser with the right capacity.

Variety of components

Selection of the motor brand and propeller diameter.

Appropriate standards

Manufacture compliant with strict standards.


Use of checked and strong materials.


Many types

Condensers are classified according to the cooling agent: air or water. These condensers, in turn, are classified according to the design, so there are many different condensers available on the market.

State-of-the-art process line

A well-adapted process line, experience and proven standards support the production of as many as X condensers per day.

Compliant with all standards

Our condensers are assemblies that meet the required standards, with different certificates. They feature high insulation classes and IP protection ratings.