Wire bending

AiFO extended its product range by implementing the production of steel and stainless steel wire components using 2D and 3D technology. Our current range includes shelves, shelf stops, baskets and pendants. The products made of steel wire can be powder-coated or fluid-coated with material for corrosion protection and proper durability. With our state-of-the-art machine park, including CNC wire bending and welding machines, we produce both standard products and custom solutions according to the customer’s specifications

Wire grid shelves

Wire grid shelves

Wire grid shelves provide a free flow of air and perfect presentation of products. They can be used both in refrigeration and heating equipment.

Wire grid baskets

Wire grid baskets

Wire grid baskets are designed for the easy storage of different types of products. They can be used as equipment in stores, warehouses and other facilities.

Fan shrouds

Fan shrouds

Fan shrouds are an essential component protecting the fan propeller. We have a wide range of different shroud models with many different diameters.

In-store partitions

In-store partitions

In-store partitions facilitate proper exposure and presentation of products in stores, while making it easy to keep the area clean.

Products database

Please feel encouraged to use our CNC wire bending services.
The production of components in complex shapes and custom designs makes it possible for many different customers to use our bending services

Research and development in the wire bending

Our research and development team is continually upgrading every aspect of wire bending. We are always looking for better solutions for bending.
We are upgrading bending tool, bending machine and the manufacturing process to receive only the best quality products.

Our engineers are also looking for new materials and surface protection with better performance.
Only properly selected materials can ensure many years of effective service life.

The manufacturing process

CNC wire bending project

Projekt gięcia drutu
The initial stage of CNC wire bending is the design of the wire component made by the customer or created by our engineers. We are even able to produce a spatial component (2D/3D CNC wire bending). We only need a diagram or outline for this.


Consultation with our experts follows, who help to realise individual projects. A wire of the appropriate diameter is selected and all details are negotiated.

CNC wire bending

Gięcie drutu na maszynie CNC
The final stage is wire bending, which is carried out by CNC machines – bending machines. Wire bending consists of plastic deformation by bending the wire. It’s an automatic process, so we are able to make large numbers of items in a short time. The finished wire product is ready very quickly.

Metal pickling

Proces odtrawiania
The stage in which non-metallic substances are removed from the surface. This gets rid of rust and other corrosion products. A product cleaned in this way can be given a paint and surface protection treatment.


Proces fluidyzacji
Fluidizing coating is also referred to as polyethylene coating and is an alternative to powder coating. This type of surface protection increases resistance to scratches, external factors and effectively protects the product against corrosion.

Heating up

Elementy druciane wygrzewane w piecu
After the polyethylene coating has been applied, heating up is used to distribute the paint equally over the entire surface. Just a few minutes’ presence of the component at high temperature allows an equally distributed coating to be achieved over the entire component.

Finished product

Gotowy produkt wykonany z drutu
Once all the stages have been passed, the result is a ready product – a fluidised coated wire element. We also manufacture uncoated components, which are made from AISI 304 stainless steel and spring stainless steel.

Summary of the wire bending process

Wire bending is a process that consists in feeding wire through a specialised machine.
This is possible with CNC machines, in particular bending machines in this case.
We also bend wires for custom designs to provide our customers with components for use in many different industries.

Machine park

State-of-the-art CNC machines

We have state-of-the-art CNC machines for the quick and comprehensive production of wire components with different diameters.
With controlled CNC machines, all produced components meet high quality standards.
The binding process features high repeatability and high production capacity.

The bending machine makes it possible to produce components in 3D shapes.
This is done easily by bending the wire in three planes.
Moreover, CNC machines are able to straighten wires.

Different bending types

3D and 2D wire bending.

Bending precision

Automatic and high-precision manufacturing process.


Wire straightening capability.

Different diameters

Wire bending in different diameters.

Implementation of custom designs

Bending according to the customer’s specifications.


Spatial components

3D bending is able to bend wire in multiple planes, which makes it possible to produce components in complex shapes.

Capacity and repeatability

A bending machine makes it possible to repeatably and effectively produce wire components according to the customer’s specifications.

Minimum labour costs

The production is automatic. This process can relieve employees and save money.