Production Process

We have knowledge, practical experience and opportunities to create our unique know-how. We advise our customers in the field of equipment, selecting effective solutions and products.

Our production is based on modern production technologies that ensure high quality and manufacturing standard.

We have a modern machinery park offering a wide range of possibilities. We invest in modern industrial solutions to better meet the needs of customers: adapting to the preferences of recipients, be environmentally friendly and produce in an efficient manner.

The offered assortment is subjected to constant tests and strength tests. That is why their quality is so important. When looking for a reliable manufacturer, attention should be paid not only to visible execution quality, but also to quality and safety certificates and standards that meet the offered solutions.

Presentation of the process

From idea to implementation.
Meet the challenges of modern (...?) and you will find out how we can address them together.


The need of the customer or his/her idea is the first stage of each production process. Let us take care of the rest.


We provide comprehensive technical consultancy in the field of design of components used in refrigeration appliances, selecting effective solutions and products.


In accordance with the philosophy of Lean Management in the production process, we primarily focus on valuable activities for which the customer will be willing to pay. Quality built in the process. High qualifications of employees (engineers and craftsmen) and developed machinery park. We focus on continuous improvement and development of our staff.


Timely deliveries and technical support. We provide the best quality at the lowest costs, in the shortest time and in the safest manner with respect for people.

The R&D department

department implements new solutions, guided by the highest quality and durability of products. Each of the designed products complies with the required standards and certificates.

In maintaining the quality

safety and environmental standards of our processes and technologies, we are supported by an integrated quality and environmental management system (ISO 9001 and ISO 14 001).