Get to know us and our mission

Our mission

The turning point that AiFO originated from was a work-related need of design engineers.
From the very beginning, the thought behind the foundation and fulfilment of the company concept was “created by design engineers for design engineers”.
Three design engineers wanted to found a company they would like to work with themselves.
This is how AiFO was founded, which is still operated by the same originators.
The values of the company founders are still present in the company, which is why AiFO is so eagerly selected by business partners and employees.

The AiFO team consists of over 100 people, all experts in their fields.
Technical competencies are the core of our collaboration.
All departments of our company collaborate at many levels.
The design engineers, the accounting, marketing, purchasing and sales departments – all of them contribute to our common success.
If you decide to work at AiFO, you can be sure to meet the best specialists in their fields.

Our vision

With a manufacturing and warehousing area of 5000m2, to facilitate your manufacturing process, we maintain high stocks of finished components, up to 1.5M pieces, which guarantees immediate completion of the orders placed.
Watching the market potential and customer demand for product groups, we have been systematically adding new products to our range.
During the manufacturing process, we use state-of-the-art management systems to optimise every stage of manufacturing.
We are continually extending our range in line with market trends, which combined with professional customer service, makes a growing group of customers consider AiFO as a proven and trusted business partner.

With continual business development, we keep expanding the markets we operate on and hiring new employees.
AiFO is growing every year and introducing its products to new countries.
At present, our brand is present in more than 50 countries.
The scale of expansion shows how the AiFO brand has developed over the years.
We care about continuous development, so we believe we will achieve our next goals in the years to come.


Fulfil your manufacturing plans on time.

We ensure supply continuity with our strategy of maintaining high stocks and delivering in accordance with the manufacturing plans of our customers.


your designs.

We implement the custom designs of our customers by manufacturing components according to drawings and specifications, while continually expanding our product range and meeting the demands of our customers.


We make purchasing easy for our customers.

We know how time- and cost-intensive it is to organise transport, so we maintain high stocks to guarantee availability and complete orders “on call” to minimise the warehousing costs for our customers.


We make the design process easy for design engineers.

We know how time-consuming it is to design equipment, so we also make a 2D and 3D drawings database available.
We also keep adding new items to our design engineer’s zone so you can find the model you need.

These are only some of the benefits of working with us.

Learn more about the values that drive us.


Tradition, hard work and continuous development.

The slogan “created by design engineers for design engineers” is the foundation of our company, which guides all of our employees from the very beginning to this day.
Since the foundation in 2007, our company has been continuously operated by the same founders, who keep sharing their knowledge, experience and solutions.


Experience in the refrigeration industry.

Our many years of presence on the refrigeration market translate to extensive experience and know-how.
This enables us to create many effective solutions and products that are eagerly used in the refrigeration and HoReCa industries.


and engagement.

Our team consists of experts in their fields.
Experienced design engineers that know how to design and how to implement a design, consultants that know customers’ needs and can find the right solutions, and the employees of other departments, who ensure excellent collaboration and order processing.


Corporate social responsibility.

Our company has been successful in its corporate social responsibility mission for years.
We support many local initiatives to help people with disabilities, improve the quality of life, promote local events and foster sports development.

Do you have similar values in collaboration?

Let’s create a design together!

Our history


The beginning of our history dates back to 2007, when the three founders – designers – wanted to create a company that they themselves wanted to work with. Engineering precision and attention to detail has been present at AiFO from the beginning and has guided the entire team for so many years.


This is the moment when we started an important stage of our activity. 2010 was the year in which the production of refrigeration glass doors was launched. It continues to grow year after year as we introduce new developments, improve existing models and increase production capacity.


We have expanded our area of operations to include the Scandinavian countries, the Baltic states and central Europe, in particular countries such as Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Czech Republic. New markets have made it possible to conclude valuable business partnerships and expand the product range with many requested components.


This was an important moment in the history of our business. 2013 is when we launched our first production line for the manufacture of welded magnetic gaskets. Seeing the potential of this product, we constantly strived to improve it and produce more models with increasingly complex sections.


The turning point came in 2017, when the building was completed and we moved to our new headquarters at 23 Łany Street. The large warehouse, production and office space available on one location, plus a modern and highly functional building has taken our operations to an even higher level.


We have implemented new CNC technologies that have allowed us to have new production processes and expand the range of components on offer. We have expanded our range to include injection moulding and plastic processing.


Another step to increase our production capacity. Indeed, in 2021, we launched a new production line for the manufacture of welded magnetic gaskets. The new manufacturing line has improved production processes, allowing faster and even more precise production of gaskets.

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Marcin Karaś
Key Account Manager – Polska
Dariusz Kaźmierek
Key Account Manager – Polska
Dominik Siodlarz
Młodszy doradca Techniczno-Handlowy – Polska – Klient indywidualny
Joanna Sznicer
Area Sales Manager – Kraje skandynawskie, Nadbałtyckie
Monika Kargól
Area Sales Manager – Kraje bałkańskie
Dariusz Pugacewicz
Technical Sales Advisor – Czechy, Słowacja
Dawid Tambor
Technical Sales Advisor – Kraje beneluksu
Nora Papakhchian
Area Sales Manager – Ukraina