Manufacture of cold store doors

One of the main areas of activity of our company is the manufacture of cold store doors. With many years of experience in production and technological improvement, we are a leading manufacturer of the best solutions in this range. Our door systems have gained the recognition of many customers worldwide. Our product range also includes: glass cold store doors, sliding cold store doors, tilting cold store doors and tilting freeze store doors.

What we offer

Quotation for doors

Quotation for doors

The quotation for retrofitting, i.e., cold store doors intended for existing refrigeration equipment, takes place by contacting the experts on the cold store doors page.

Rack doors

Rack doors

Glass doors for cooling racks ensure perfect presentation of the products within, while also reducing heat losses and energy consumption.

Chamber doors

Chamber doors

Insulated cold room doors provide easy access into the cold chamber, while featuring high tightness and low heat losses.

All systems

All systems

Hinged doors, sliding cold store doors, Semi Vertical doors and insulated doors for cold rooms are only some of the cold store doors we manufacture.

Products database

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We offer a wide range of products for cold chambers, freeze chambers and in-store refrigeration equipment.

Research and development in the manufacture of cold store doors

Our research and development team is continually upgrading every type of cold store doors.
We are always looking for better solutions for temperature and tightness.
We are upgrading hinged doors, sliding doors, freezer room doors and other opening systems.

Our engineers are also always looking for new materials with better performance at low temperatures.
Only properly selected parts and materials can ensure many years of effective service life.

The manufacturing process

Design phase

Profile do drzwi chłodniczych
It’s at the design stage that new functional solutions are invented. This is where a team of engineers analyse the products and look for opportunities to improve them so that the refrigerated doors produced and ready for installation meet all norms and standards.

Glass processing

Obróbka szkła
Basic element of a refrigerated door is the glass, which has to go through several steps before it can be installed. The glass undergoes several processes, including: it’s hardening that makes it stronger, it’s also cut to the specific size corresponding to the door model in question. It is also cut to the specific size corresponding to the door model in question. The glazing is also insulated, as this solution provides greater tightness and better thermal insulation.

Profile processing

Obróbka profili do drzwi chłodniczych
In addition to glazing, profiles are required to create a complete refrigerated door. At this stage, profiles made of PVC and aluminium are cut to the specific dimensions corresponding to the door model in question.

Door mounting

Montaż drzwi chłodniczych
The manufacture of cold storage doors requires them to be assembled from main components such as pre-machined glass and profiles, as well as other necessary components such as cold storage door hinges, wheelsets, handles and grips. All these components need to be mounted to create the finished product, which is a door system.

Packaging of finished products

Zabezpieczone gotowe drzwi chłodnicze
Refrigerated glass doors need to be properly protected in transport and storage, which is why we go to great care to secure our door systems correctly. Big experience enables us to do this in the right way, and the entire refrigerated door reaches the customer intact.

Summary of the manufacturing process

The manufacture of cold store doors is a process that includes multiple activities and tasks performed by our employees.
Cold store doors, in addition to the frame, filling and glass, include many smaller components.
Proper assembly of the individual parts is essential, so the doors are properly sealed and equipped with all the required components.

Machine park

Extensive and state-of-the-art machine park

Cold and freeze store doors are manufactured in our extensive machine park. State-of-the-art equipment guarantees that all doors are produced according to the highest standard. To manufacture cold store doors, we use different materials that we select according to the intended purpose and operating temperature of the door.

Design & Re-design

Door systems in modern style.

Different models

Manufacture of sliding and hinged doors.

Quick retrofitting

Easy adaptation to finished refrigeration furniture.

Additional lighting of products

Compatibility with LED lighting.

Ready to assemble

Door system in a complete frame.


Savings on electricity

Up to 50% lower electricity consumption after closing the refrigeration appliance.

Re-design of an existing store

Door systems are highly adaptable for installation in finished racks, i.e.,

Economical solution

Up to 50% lower electricity consumption after closing the refrigeration appliance.