Refrigeration copper fittings – components

Copper, due to physical and chemical properties, has a wide range of applications in the refrigeration industry.
Refrigeration copper fittings – components

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Refrigeration copper fittings – products

Among the copper pipes used in the refrigeration industry there are smooth and corrugated copper pipes inside. Due to their physical properties, copper tubes can be easily shaped. Their corrosion resistance and resistance to sunlight make them suitable for a whole spectrum of applications in refrigeration systems. Copper tubes are distinguished by their anti-diffusion tightness, i.e. their resistance to gas penetration, and their high coefficient of thermal expansion.

Cooling installations use copper tube in accordance with PN-EN 12735-1, the full name of which is “Copper and copper alloys – Seamless, round tubes for air conditioning and refrigeration”. This standard specifies the exact parameters that the copper tube should meet, the types of connections, etc.

In the area of refrigeration and air conditioning, lagged copper pipes are also used to provide the appropriate level of insulation.

Copper has many refrigeration applications. These include copper fittings, which enable tubes to be connected (e.g. elbows, tees), capillary tubes, dryer filters, fluid accumulators or service valves, with which every refrigeration and air conditioning system is equipped.

Refrigeration copper tube is also used in the manufacture of refrigeration exchangers such as condensers and evaporators, which are used in most refrigeration and air conditioning equipment

Copper tubes – processing and bending

Copper tubing machining and bending is a new technology in our offer. We are constantly expanding our range of activities to meet our customers’ expectations, ensuring that we save time and reduce transport costs – allowing you to order and purchase multiple products in one place.

We offer bent copper tubes to prepared specifications. Copper tubes in coils during the production process are unwound, straightened and cut to size according to the customer’s supplied specifications. Refrigeration copper tube can be subjected to additional processing such as endforming. The ends of the copper tube are expanded, enabling connections to be made, for example by soldering. In addition to flaring, cooling pipes used for air conditioning can also be shaped in other ways such as tapering during the endforming process, thanks to their plasticity.

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New products

Product innovations are a product group that includes new components and solutions. It’s regularly updated as we try to keep up to date with new technologies and current market trends.

Lift-up systems

Glass lift-up systems for refrigeration equipment, such as refrigerated display counters, allow easy access to products while presenting them in an excellent way. You can found here complete kits and other necessary components.

Components for cold rooms

Cold room components include products that enable the cold room to function properly. These include refrigerated doors, shelving systems, profiles, gaskets, hinges, handles and decompression valves.

AiFO door systems

Door systems are the solutions we manufacture for refrigeration equipment. This group includes: glass doors for refrigerated cabinets in hinged and sliding versions, Semi Vertical and doors for refrigerated chambers.

Profiles for refrigeration furniture

Profiles are created using an extrusion process and are made from a variety of plastics. This allows for a wide variety of applications. We offer profiles for eliminating thermal bridges, door profiles, profiles for glass covers, profiles for lamps, price strips and other profiles and gaskets.

Components for refrigeration furniture

Refrigeration furniture components include many parts that are key to the proper operation of refrigeration equipment. Condensers, evaporators, compressors – these are what keep temperatures down.

Components for neutral furniture

Neutral furniture components are products for the HoReCa sector, mainly for catering. This product group includes catering faucets, sink chambers and parts for neutral furniture.

Components usage examples

Catalogue graphically presents examples of the use of our components in equipment, furniture and cold rooms. Refrigerated display counters, refrigerated shelving, vending machines, cold rooms, serving lines – these are just some examples of the applications of our components.