Production of monoblock chillers

To address the needs of manufacturers of refrigeration and low-temperature equipment, AiFO introduced the manufacture of monoblock chillers, i.e. complete refrigeration and low-temperature assemblies for cabinets, tables and confectionery displays. This solution is implemented in the manufacturing process of equipment, reduces the assembly time and thus the total manufacturing time. An additional advantage of using monoblock chillers is that it makes maintenance easier and less time-consuming, since the entire assembly (monoblock chiller) can be replaced with a new one.

What we offer

Table monoblock chiller

Table monoblock chiller

The table monoblock chiller is a complete refrigeration assembly that is quick and easy to install, and ready for use immediately after installation.

Cabinet monoblock chiller

Cabinet monoblock chiller

The cabinet monoblock chiller is a complete refrigeration system and Plug&Play appliance that is ready to work immediately after plugging in.

Chamber monoblock chiller

Chamber monoblock chiller

The chamber monoblock chiller is a complete refrigeration system that is ready to serve its purpose immediately after installation in the refrigeration appliance.

Condenser units

Condenser units

Condenser units for refrigeration equipment feature the essential components, such as the condenser and the compressor, available in many different versions.

Products database

If you need a complete closed appliance in a single enclosure, choose a monoblock chiller. Click to see our range of monoblock chillers and other refrigeration components and equipment. If you have any questions, our qualified consultants will be happy to help you.

Research and development in the manufacture of monoblock chillers

Our research and development department is continually working to improve the efficiency of equipment, such as the monoblock chiller.
As the performance and parameters are improved, monoblock chillers become more efficient, more resistant to difficult conditions and ready for a longer service life.

The sum of these activities translates to the quality of the produced components and parts, which in turn makes the entire monoblock chiller a better and more complete product.

The manufacturing process


Linia montażowa monobloków
The refrigeration monoblock is made up of many components, so during production it is the assembly stage that requires the highest precision. The monoblock includes components such as compressor, condenser, expansion element, heat exchanger, thermostat and filter drier.

Finished product

Gotowe monobloki
Monoblock is a system that is ready to be placed in a refrigeration unit without worrying about other components. Fast delivery is possible thanks to short lead times. The simple installation of the monoblock allows anyone to replace it, without the need for qualified people.

Easy replacement

Monoblok - urządzenie typu Plug&Play łatwe w wymianie
If you need to replace the monoblock with a new one, simply remove the old unit, purchase a new one and install it. During a breakdown, it’s also easy to service the unit, as it’s enough to remove the entire monoblock and send it back for repair. It’s equally easy to replace the components inside the unit.

Summary of the manufacturing process

A monoblock chiller is a perfect solution for refrigeration equipment. It is a complete appliance that includes all necessary components within, assembled during the manufacturing process. Monoblock chillers are finished products that are ready to work immediately after installation, so monoblock chillers are referred to as plug & play equipment.


Where are monoblocks used

Monoblock chillers manufactured in our state-of-the-art machine park have many applications.
With our special process line, we adhere to standards and regulations in production.
We only use proven and tested components to provide you with high quality products according to your specifications.

With high manufacturing standards, compliance with standards, as well as universality and ease of replacement, monoblock chillers are eagerly selected and used in different refrigeration equipment. Various types of monoblocks are used in refrigeration, heat pumps, pharmaceutical industry. Ther’re integral part of cold rooms, refrigerated counter, refrigerated cabinet, etc.

Different models

Manufacture of monoblock chillers with different capacities and sizes.

Easy replacement

Easy replacement in case of failure – replacement of the entire monoblock chiller.

Plug & Play

Appliance ready for installation.

Monoblock appliance

All the required components in a single enclosure.

Quick installation

Quick and convenient installation of the monoblock chiller in refrigeration equipment.


Natural refrigerant

In monoblock chillers, natural R290 propane gas is used.
This refrigerant is compliant with all new EU Directives and manufacturing standards.

Plug & Play

The monoblock chillers are Plug & Play appliances that are ready to work immediately after installation.

Complete and closed solution

A cooling unit with all the required components in a single, compact enclosure is a monoblock chiller.