Magnetic gaskets manufacturing at AiFO Components

Kontrola jakości w procesie produkcji zgrzewanych uszczelek magnetycznych

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Magnetic gaskets are crucial components in refrigeration, low-temperature, and ultra-low-temperature devices equipped with doors and drawers. The magnetic gasket is placed in the door profile of the unit, at the connection between the external body and the internal container of the furniture, and is responsible for maintaining the appropriate level of tightness. The key elements that determine the quality of the gasket include a multi-chamber profile, shock absorber, weld quality, and the magnet. Proper sealing of doors and drawers in refrigeration, low-temperature, and ultra-low-temperature devices helps to maintain a constant temperature inside the chamber, simultaneously eliminating potential heat losses and reducing energy consumption.

Upon receiving basic information from the client (gasket type, dimensions, quantity) and defining the most crucial technical parameters (including the type of magnet, polarization, force of attraction), the entire process of magnetic gasket manufacturing at AiFO Components follows strictly defined procedural rules and consists of several consecutive stages.

Magnetic gasket profiles available at AiFO Components are produced through the extrusion process using soft PVC (polyvinyl chloride). After extrusion, the gaskets are moved to the cutting station. They are cut at a 45-degree angle to a specified length according to the provided technical specifications.

In the next stage of production, the gaskets are taken to the “magnetization” station, where a fully automated process of unwinding and cutting the magnet into sections takes place, and the operator inserts the cut magnet into the gasket profile pocket. Various models of magnetic inserts are available, with attraction forces ranging from 31 to 75 g/cm². The standard magnet polarization is S N S, but it is possible to place a magnetic insert with N S N polarization.

Gasket magnetisation station

The final stage that concludes the production process is the welding of gasket corners using welders equipped with specialized tools – welding jaws – shaped to fit the profile of the gasket being welded. Use of modern welding devices ensures a tight, even, and durable weld, along with high repeatability and quality

Corner welding of magnetic gaskets using a welding machine

The finished magnetic gaskets, shaped like frames, are packed in a strictly defined manner, according to internal instructions and recommendations. Proper packaging protects the final product from deformation and loss of properties during storage and transport.

Proper packing of the gasket

It is worth noting that at AiFO Components, quality control is conducted at each of the aforementioned stages of production, packaging, and storage of magnetic gaskets. Thanks to this, the magnetic gaskets meet the highest standards in terms of dimension accuracy, quality and strength of connections, as well as aesthetics and durability.

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